Heather Davis Provides Research for her Clients

Heather Davis goes the extra mile to provide the professional services needed by her clients.  Alabama Contractors Association (ACA)continues fight to protect the competitive bid law in Alabama.  Davis represents ACA and all of its members as their political strategist, representative and lobbyist and also manages their day to day activities.

Alabama Contractors Association (ACA) recognizes the State’s need to address Alabama’s prison problems and understands that the modern, efficiently designed facilities envisioned will generate operating savings.  However,  ACA strongly believes §14.2.28(b), providing for alternative delivery methods for design and construction,  must be removed from the bill.

History shows that the traditional Design-Bid- Build method provides the owner (The State) the best product at the best price while meeting deadline requirements.  The current competitive bid law requires all public works projects to be built using the Design-Bid-Build method.  There is no reason to circumvent this proven, transparent and efficient method for public works projects.

Alternative Delivery Methods often increase costs.  And allowing the awarding authority to pick winners and losers, has no place in public works financed by tax payers.

Davis recently published a full report on True Prison Reform in Alabama.  That document can be found here:

True PrisonReform report frm ACA 2 pdf

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