Leadership Moment: Goals

Leaders automatically set goals for themselves. They know what they want to  accomplish and they strive to reach their goals.

Leaders come in many forms: mothers, fathers, bankers, lawyers, politicians. Yet, it is important not to overlook those leaders closest to us.  In many homes the matriarch is the leader of the household and the extended family. In some homes the leader is the grandfather or uncle.  Each of these leaders have their own set of goals: some personal and some professional.

So how is success determined?  This is a very important question.  Many people judge success by the amount of money and “toys’  that are accumulated while others judge success by status is the community.  But, if this is not your goal then this is not success.

Set your own goals based on what is important to you.  I know a lady who is a very successful business woman and she loves to bake.  She makes everything from scratch and spends countless hours perfecting pastries or hand painting cookies.  Each are truly beautiful pieces of food art.  Her personal goals follow the hobbies that she has learned to perfect.  Although she is very good at her day job her goal is to be known as a professional pastry chef, nothing like her day job.

If you are a stay home mother your goals may revolve around your children or your home.  If you are an athlete your goals would involve perfecting your skills and your game. However, if you are in politics your goals will be more in line with winning elections.

Remember: Success is based on your goals not someone else goals.  Be successful at your goals!!

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