Heather Davis owns an independent consulting firm that specializes in public affairs, business development and communications.

We lobby for you!

Heather Davis provides the following services for her Public Affairs Clients:

  • The sole advocate and direct contact for her clients with regulatory agencies, Alabama state legislature, executive and administrative offices.
  • Develops, establishes, and manages her clients’ state governmental affairs policies, procedures, plans and programs including prioritizing issues to balance Client needs and political environment.
  • Monitors all legislative activity in Alabama and anticipates policy or political challenges and opportunities and advises clients as appropriate.
  • Actively lobbies the Alabama legislature, drafts and amends legislation as necessary.
  • Writes political newsletter and provides immediate information on legislative matters.
  • Reviews all legislation and identifies those applicable to her clients.
  • Actively lobbies in Alabama.

We grow your business!

Heather Davis provides the following services for her Business Development Clients:

  • Works with her clients to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for growing and sustaining a solid sales and/or marketing plan.
  • Monitors and implements the execution of the strategic plan.
  • Provides guidance on comprehensive Internet marketing.
  • Provides guidance on implementation of all aspects of social media
  • Provides web design services and maintenance as necessary.

We develop your message!

Heather Davis provides the following services for her Communications Clients:

  • Provides guidance and implementation on issue related media needs.
  • Provides guidance and implementation for community outreach efforts at both a state and local level.
  • Develops and executes her clients’ communications plans and actions for crisis management, public policy issues, position statements, and other general communications.
  • Develops and implements grassroots and community relations to encourage engagement, volunteering, support or simply to educate.

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