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We Lobby for You and Your Interests

What is Public Affairs and why is that important to your company?

Public Affairs is a term used to describe a relationship with stakeholders. Stakeholders are individuals or groups with an interest in an organization/ company’s affairs, such as, civil servants, customers and local communities, clients, shareholders, trade associations, think tanks, business groups, charities, unions and the media.

Lobbying is an important component of Public Affairs. Lobbying is the process of educating public and government policy decision makers at all levels: federal, state, and local.

Lobbying involves the advocacy of an interest that is affected, actually or potentially, by the decisions of government leaders. The practice of lobbying is considered so essential that it is specifically protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: “Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people peaceably … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”



Why do you need a lobbyist?

Your company has a vested interest in the politics of Alabama. You want to be certain that you are able to continue doing business in Alabama. You want to be a player with a seat at the table when decisions are made about our state rather than a victim of the decisions.

In this state all of the decisions are made at the state level. There is very limited home rule. With this in mind the importance of working with the legislature and decision makers in Montgomery becomes very apparent.

 Why is lobbying important?

  • To protect your company’s ability to succeed.
  • To make certain that state environmental regulations are no more restrictive than the federal regulations.
  • To prevent more paperwork for compliance with regulations.
  • To prevent laws from passing that are harmful to your company.
  • To prevent taxes and fees that are unfair to your industry and could ultimately put you out of business.
  • To promote trade that is not only free but fair and that takes into consideration non-tariff barriers.
  • To promote workman’s compensation policies that are fair.
  • To secure affordable avenues of distribution of your product. (State Docks, road and bridges, river systems)
  • To protect the competitive bid law on public works projects.

The issues that Heather Davis & Associates watch for regularly deal with:

  • Healthcare
  • Employee and Workman’s Compensation Costs and Issues
  • Transportation including roads and bridges-funding and availability and the State Docks
  • Suppliers Costs
  • Tax legislation (including fees)
  • Education: employee availability and an educated workforce
  • Environmental
  • Protection of competitive bid laws
  • Business Development, any law that would impact business recruitment, retention, or expansion

There are associations in Alabama that could monitor some of your needs but they are not always on Your Team. These associations represent many companies and often their membership is divided on critical political issues. To make certain that your position is represented in the Alabama legislature you need a representative who speaks for You!

To protect your company you need a representative who will take care of your company and your interests.

Heather Davis & Associates is a professional full service public affairs firm offering public relations, business development and communications. We specialize in managing issues that have both a pubic and a political component.

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